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To celebrate herstorians who paved the way in their own backyard, intervene within the negative effects that impact black women and girls who are negatively depicted to help them obtain a sustainable life, while serving as a healthy platform for all women and girls who have or may experience the trauma of systemic antics.

We are The Ultimate Solution

We are the ultimate solution for inspiration, motivation, and insight for our audience and partners. HER Museum is a place for her to sustain and communities to heal. We provide resources, wisdom, knowledge, insight, support, and inspiration for participants to be healthy, safe, economically empowered, inclusive, and inspired. We seek to decrease intergenerational dysfunction, health disparities, poverty, and environmental issues due to the lack of knowledge, wisdom, exposure (positive role models), understanding, and inclusiveness, while exercising the “Sankofa Model” ensuring that HER legacy never gets lost, HER Family gets stronger and HER community gets well. Our programs, projects, and exhibits can also be used as a recruitment and outreach strategy for establishments and are available virtual distance, in person, mobile, and/or in location. Please contact us for more information. Click here to contact us for more information.

Media industries have capitalized on the demand for sex by including the sexualization and exploitation of women in their productions, and the tactic has become more common over the years. Additionally, pop music has become notorious for sexism, ageism, violence, racism and classism in both music and media in the coverage of female artists and the lyrics of popular songs..

We believe that looking back at the women in our own backyard who helped pave the way can celebrate our HERstorians and preserve their legacy. Serving as a women empowerment and family wellness project of resources, wisdom, knowledge, insight, support and empowers our clients and partners with the tools to be healthy, safe, economically empowered, inclusive, and inspired.

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Lets hear or share a story that inspires, empowers, educates, and gives you hope. Our her story series assures that her legacy never gets forgotten and, helps her sustain while healing her family and empowering the community. Your contribution will support our programming for women and girls.

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We are accepting memberships for girls and women to gain access to HER Museum resources, products, and services because HER life matters. Our services, resources, and products are accessible, in-person, virtual distance and on location.

We have officially launched our programming and services for organizations to book our mentoring camps, showcases, and keynote presentations. Our camps and mentoring have been very effective and available virtual, in our location, and/or in person.

The Sprinkle Me Learning Academy is now hosting the QUEEN I Am mentoring program and is available for collaborations, course acquiring and facilitation from our Certified Empowerment Coaches. Our culture competent approach is very affective and have changed many lives.

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