About The Founder

Dr. Suga-T Stevens

Dr. Suga-T Stevens is an Executive Director, Program Developer, CEO, Author, Life Skills & Transformation Expert, as well as a Wellness and Enterprise Vision Partner Coach. She is also a Multi-Genre National Multi- platinum Gold Producer, Performer, Actor, and Influencer of more than 25 music albums, in over 36 years. She paved the way for others like her in the music industry as a female historical trailblazer and is still relevant today. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and healing broken hearts. Although she is admired as “The First Lady” of her successful family record label and legendary music group, “The Click,” she is known for a variety of platinum and gold hit songs, while inspiring many others along the way. Her true heart and pride come from making the decision to reinvent her brand to become a more positive leader, starting a successful social enterprise during a violent relationship, and becoming a grandmother. Today she helps others do the same and bring those together to collaborate with the process.