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The Her Museum Experience is an ultimate solution for inspiration, motivation and insight to its audience and partners. We provide resources, wisdom, knowledge, insight, support and inspiration for participants to be healthy, safe, economically empowered, inclusive and inspired. Our programs, projects and exhibits can also be used as a recruitment and outreach strategy for establishments. It can be used for celebrity brand ambassadorship, product placement and/or can help your organization, event, brand or establishment grow and maintain interaction from your clients, our audience and/or your staff.

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To decrease intergenerational dysfunction, health disparities, poverty, and environmental issues due to the lack of knowledge, wisdom, exposure (positive role models), understanding and inclusiveness, while exercising the “Sankofa Model” ensuring that HER legacy never gets lost, HER Family gets stronger and HER community gets well

We believe that looking back at the women in our own backyard who helped pave the way can celebrate our HERstorians and preserve their legacy. Serving as a women empowerment and family wellness project of resources, wisdom, knowledge, insight, support and empowers our clients and partners with the tools to be healthy, safe, economically empowered, inclusive, and inspired.

 Our exhibit programs reach out to vulnerable populations of girls and women that have or can be negatively impacted by the negative depiction of their images in media and society and empower them with wisdom, mentors, inspiration, literacy, and the tools to thrive and not just survive. We seek to minimize substance abuse, suicide, low self-esteem, trafficking, domestic violence, gun violence, drop-out rates, bullying over-sexualized behaviors, poverty, COVID, mental illness, bad health, and unfair treatment.

We have adopted the Sankofa Model to celebrate black women in and around music and a community that has made innovative contributions to history in influential industries, and in their own backyards. We seek to preserve Her legacy from yesterday, today, and tomorrow and to help HER tell her story, keep HER inclusive.

We are addressing the antics of unfair treatment towards all under-represented woman and girl populations who can and have been negatively impacted by systemic ageism, sexualism, racism, and other unfair antics that have gatewayed into unfair treatment. while serving as an alternative safe platform for all women and girls to Donate or Support be inclusive, develop and present their gifts and talents.

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